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Work Experience Singapore

Work Experience Singapore (WES) helps students and young graduates find an exciting job to excel and achieve. Leave your footprint in Singapore.
Here, students make money and get the chance to experience working in an Asian economy. Many of our international undergraduates and graduates have successfully interned in host companies across Singapore, a melting hub of various races.
We help students to get a Work Experience Singapore internship, and facilitate the visa application process, enabling the necessary bureaucracy or adherence to official rules and formalities. With WES, we take the chore out of any foreign recruitment process by systematically managing the recruitment process, ensuring prompt and professional delivery of services every step of the way.

Why recruit an International Intern or young graduate?

Employees deal with problems differently depending on their cultural background. You will have access to different points of view and widen your perspectives. The student’s perfect knowledge of his country’s language and culture are valuable assets for your company’s development there. Thus, your company will benefit from various experiences to trigger creativity and innovation.

Who are we?

Since 2008, Work Experience Singapore (WES) supports international students and graduates in fulfilling their career ambitions. Catering to needs for foreign talents in industries such as Retail, Hospitality and Tourism, we specialize in placing high quality, English-speaking graduates from various countries i.e. Malaysia, Africa, China, Philippines, Vietnam and more.

Our extensive network - Overseas Rep Offices:
  • Malaysia (located next to UTAR)
  • Hong Kong (strategically located in Tsim Sha Tsui, 6 minutes away from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Vietnam
  • Guangshou (Partner Office)
  • Philippines (Partner Office)

A highly dedicated team of Recruitment Consultants from diverse commercial backgrounds :

Mr Adrian Soo – Being in the Tourism Industry for more than 10 years, Mr Soo expertise lies in Business Development & Marketing, especially problem solving.

Ms Pamela Tan – Ms Tan has an impeccable track record in the retail chain for 20 years with a luxury brand plus recruitment experience in the hospitality industry.

Ms Chin Wanling – Ms Chin’s past experience in IHR & Teamwork and good HR practices helps produce excellent, motivated workers.

Ms Tran Ngoc Ha – Leads a dedicated team of Vietnamese who speaks and writes fluent English with an ever ready attitude to assist in recruitment.


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