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A.C.E.S. Camps

What parent wouldn’t want their kids to constantly learn new things, explore and enjoy via fun adventures and activities to challenge their creativity and build core values? That’s exactly what we want for them too, so a Transinex A.C.E.S. Camp is crammed with energy and fun things to do for sports heroes, budding artists and change makers... even if they haven’t shown an interest in them yet.

A.C.E.S Camps by Transinex began in 2010. After years of learning and observation, we have created a curriculum that provides a unique and engaging learning environment for all students. Our camp is holistic because we provide a combination of activities that include

A: Action/Adventure
C: Cultural Exchanges,
E: Eco-cultural and Environmental studies and
S: Service Learning

in order to provide a wholesome learning experience. National learning standards can be met for multiple subjects : By incorporating the above into the curriculum, teachers can integrate science, math, history, and more into one rich lesson or activity, and still satisfy national academic standards in subject areas. Taking a class outside provides an excellent backdrop or context for interdisciplinary learning

We tailor make an A.C.E.S. camp according to specified learning needs and attractions found in each destination. This is done on site from Transinex offices located in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. We have also organised A.C.E.S. camps in other destinations as far as New Zealand and America.

You and your learners will head out on a journey to meet amazing new people and experience other cultures to understand their traditions and values. Transinex seeks the most interesting professionals and creative partners in the world to help you learn or improve a skill. Please refer to our programs in each destination for an A.C.E.S. Program in each destination.

1. A.C.E.S Singapore

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2. A.C.E.S Malaysia

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3. A.C.E.S Vietnam

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4. A.C.E.S Hong Kong

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5. A.C.E.S Beijing

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6. A.C.E.S Shanghai

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7. A.C.E.S Chengdu

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8. A.C.E.S Hainan

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9. A.C.E.S Yangshao

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10. A.C.E.S Zheng Zhou

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11. A.C.E.S Dali and LiJiang

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12. A.C.E.S Cambodia

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We learn best through experience, and via an adventure, youths learn to try things out on their own, test the knowledge they gain and exercise the right values in a team. A child my have a fear of heights, but after a week of adventure camp, may come to love climbing and challenging themselves in the outside world

Sites chosen for each adventure cover challenging courses fused with fun and creativity and imbued with high standards of safety from technical experts. Instructions and debriefings facilitate learning, development and empowerment. Going on an adventure helps our youths to cope with obstacles and foster self confidence and values in various team-based or water-based challenges.

Healthy lifestyles are also encouraged; we get students outside and active, this helps address some of the health issues we are seeing in children today, such as obesity, attention deficit disorders, and depression. Good nutrition is often emphasized and stress is reduced due to increased time spent in nature.


Transinex organizes several Cultural Exchange programs in Asia Pacific, Europe and America. Home stays (a home away from home) can provide a more authentic cultural experience; guardians on site present an opportunity to experience the realities of daily life in the new country - enables one to participate and learn of the traditions of the community/village such as its local food, arts and crafts, musical instruments, traditional pastimes and games and events. For example, in Shanghai, you can watch a traditional acrobat show or immerse yourself in a traditional music concert or visit traditional craft stores in Tian Zi Fang.


Such studies in destinations connects youths to the world around them, teaching them about both natural and built environments. Youths learn to understand how their decisions and actions affect the environment, builds knowledge and skills to address environmental issues, and learn to engage in actions to improve and sustain it. They return home with the knowledge to increase sustainability and ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

When local environmental initiatives emerge and accumulate, they contribute to the stabilization of global environmental change.

For example, In Vietnam, Transinex engages in Wild life Education, students learn about the endangered water birds in the various villages like Prek Toal area and Tonle Sap lake and the effects of Vietnam's threatened biodiversity. Transinex has customized interesting field trips to national parks, protected areas and wildlife stations in various destinations.


Service-learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which students use academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs.

Each service-learning project is uniquely tailored to meet specific learning goals and community needs, several elements are critical for success. Through the immersive experience, youths will also develop relationships with the community, learn new skill sets and strengthen their motivation to stay connected with them. Service learning activities may include renovating a part of a school building, installing exercise equipment or immersing and helping out in the daily lives of host communities.

Service learning trains students to be more responsible towards social needs, think of sustainable and impactful solutions, and be lifelong champions of the greater good."