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International Youth Sports Tours

Play a sport and experience new cultures in great sporting destinations across the globe

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International youth sport tours by Transinex are travel programs that provide youth teams with the opportunity to travel to and compete against sport teams from other countries. In addition to competing, the team members and their families and/or friends are able to tour the destination and areas where the competitions are held.

Professionally Organised Sports Tours

Promoting teamwork, building camaraderie, strengthening your team for the year ahead and raising the profile of your department or sport code. All of this can be achieved with a professionally organised sports tour.

Matching Ability

Transinex's extensive experience incoordinating sporting tours means we are well skilled in appropriately matching the ability of the host team with the touring team.

Unique and Exclusive developmental Partnerships

We have also established unique exclusive partnerships with various international sports associations and professional clubs in the region. As a result, we are able to arrange entry into specific tournaments and, in many situations, can organise coaching clinics with elite sports clubs or coaches that will help to inspire and develop your students in their sport.


Transinex is a staunch advocate of the benefits students gain when they stay with families from different parts of the world. It provides them with an opportunity to appreciate different cultures and how others live.

A Transinex Sports Tour aims to
  • Broaden students' horizons
  • Provides opportunities for students to learn from the experiences of others around the world
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful service
  • Provide opportunities for adventure and challenge
  • Develop student skills so they can move on with confidence
  • Provide opportunities for personal and social development
  • Increase students understanding of different perspectives and different cultures
  • Promote appreciation of our heritage on a global level
  • Positively influence the next generation of youths by developing their awareness of the wider world and helping them define their role within it
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