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Team Building and Corporate Outings

If your corporate offsite is coming up, and you're looking for ways to keep ideas fresh and engagement high, look no further.

We've pulled together some great corporate retreat ideas to get you started. They will encourage team building and provide outdoor adventure fun.

Activities help to build important bonds through shared experiences. Your group will be able to experience the fun a corporate outing has to offer including teambuilding games, boating, sports, arts & crafts, cooking and gastronomy and other fun activities


Transinex offers a wide range of activity options, all of which include an element of teambuilding and fun!

Some of our sample teambuilding activities include:

Destination Malaysia
Janda Baik, Pahang Masterchef Mayhem

A day out in Janda Baik, revolving around cooking and eating.

Treasure Quest

Leave your work issues behind to become treasure hunters for the day.

Kampung Kicks!

A day of laughter-filled frolics in the cool highlands

Jungle Adventure

Bring your team out on an exhilarating jungle adventure

Wet n Wild!

This whacky day is for truly adventurous teams.

Penyabong, Johor
Marine Masterchef

Celebrates the fresh seafood and homemade delicacies of the East Coast.

Day at the Beach

Nothing beats a day at the beach to reward, de-stress and refresh your team.

The Eco Lover

For those who love nature and want to explore the unique biodiversity of Penyabong

Coastal Capers

An exhilarating day of adventure awaits you.

Adventure Race

For fit teams with a robust, competitive spirit

Menu of Activities below, to create your unique team-building experience!
Let's Travel to Indonesia
Let's Travel to Malaysia
Let's Travel to Singapore

We are able to design your outing to meeting your needs and include the activities you would like to offer.

 Contact us   so we can tailor make an itinerary / travel arrangements according to your needs

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